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Publications are vital for any modern researcher. Visuals are a key element, and getting your research on the cover of Nature or Science is a dream come true. Tremani Images can help you realise this dream. We visualise your scientific results and specialise in the nano-world: too small to photograph, but perfect for insightful artwork.

Featured work

A small selection of Tremani-visuals on the covers of various leading scientific magazines.

Some of our clients

We are proud of our close cooperation with many very talented people in these top research institutes:

These pictures are metaphors.
Tremani creates images that illustrate the essence
of our scientific result.

Prof. Dr. Cees Dekker, TU Delft, Delft University of Technology

Need an image or animation?

Tremani specialises in discovering your story, and visualising the essence in an image or even an animation. Quickly and on target. If you have your article pending or even approved and waiting for a publication date, now is the time to try and make the cover! Do talk to us to find out what can be done.

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