A personal briefing is a must - with Skype being a very good long-distance solution. Tell us all about your research: we want to know all details, and why it is important; and we'll keep asking until we know what the essence is. Once you have made us understand what's happening, we start visualising. Together we can create magic!


Often created during a briefing, or shortly thereafter: a very crude sketch of the complete layout of the image, in its intention of a cover or otherwise. Just so you will know that we have understood the problem.


We create new worlds in 3D. Worlds that are usually too small or too abstract to be seen in real life. We'll make 3D models of the story that needs to be told, and materialise the invisible. Materials, lighting, cameras, action!

Final design

In the end, we don't create just artwork: we always have to convey a specialistic message in a specific medium. In the final stage we will design the image to perfectly fit a cover, website, or whatever publication it is intended to be used in. Fine-tuning colors, creating high-resolution printwork or screen-size optimised images, all while leaving ample room for headers and magazine titles. And most of all: finding the perfect viewing angles to draw the readers into your story.

Need an image or animation?

Tremani specialises in discovering your story, and visualising the essence in an image or even an animation. Quickly and on target. If you have your article pending or even approved and waiting for a publication date, now is the time to try and make the cover! Do talk to us to find out what can be done.

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