Single-Molecule Sensing with Nanopores


Project details

  • CLIENT:Cees Dekker, TU Delft & Calin Plesa, Kavli Institute of Nanoscience Delft

Our second picture made the cover as well, Science this time. Carbon nanotube molecules lying on aluminum gates and coupled by gold wires. Field-effect transistors based on single nanotubes can now be assembled into the logic circuits that are the building blocks of computers. The realisation of single-molecule logic circuits has been a long-standing goal within molecular electronics.

This image brought about a wide discussion in the scientific field: colors, shiny gold surfaces, shadows: all this is of course not visible on the nano-scale depicted here. But the image does depict the essence of the research, and does so in a blink, because of the recognition of materials and colours. It is a metaphor, as are most descriptions of this amazing nano-world. We do take into account the sensitivities of reality, but have to use crude approximations when reality simply is not clear enough.

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